Biaggi Handbags Available

Menus Available upon calling

All Veggies
Made to Order
Shipped anywhere
Hot and Cold Subs

Antimicrobial Cutting Boards Available
Color Coded Knifes Available
to stop Cross Contamination
Helps to Prevent Salmonella, E Coli and Pnuemacoccal Virus

We Cater and Ship Anywhere in U.S

Large Parties
Small Parties
Minimum of 8
Catering to all
International Cuisine
* Vino*4^1 Wines
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Quality with Affordability

    Email;  Facebook at Jon Brannon or phone (386) 576-4846  twitter @jbrannonBrannon
    Orders from 8-5pm phone and online orders till 8pm.Thank you for your support and orders.
    *Wine by the glass available called Vino*4^1tm(wine for one),$2.00/glass.single serve;Cab.Sauv.,Sauv.Blanc,Riesling,Gewurztraminer,Chardonnay,Zinfandel,Shiraz,